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Product Catalog (PC) is the go to marketplace created to help online Shopify retailers increase sales and grow their businesses. PC streamlines product sourcing for the millions of web-based entrepreneurs delving into the fray of starting and/or growing a retail business. Do you need brand-name products to help establish and build your store? PC can help!

Rather than working out relationships and contracts with each supplier, and figuring out each one's unique requirements and processes, PC users have uniform access to all of the products through a single, simple interface.

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Our Testimonials

  • Product Catalog is an amazing app if you're searching for brand name items that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. The product selection is phenomenal

    Founder, Hank's Habit
  • So grateful to find this app. It has definitely cut through some of the barriers of running a retail clothing store where designer products are virtually impossible to carry.

    Founder, Fashion Street Apparel
  • Super helpful app! Has saved me so much time and effort getting products, preparing my store for launch.

    Founder, Bailey Sauer
  • Very good app!! Has all the top name products that I could not get on my other product site. Very good customer service as well, they helped me out with my problem. A must get!!

    Founder, My Trip Essentials
  • Excellent App!.I chose the third tier with access to all of their Designer and Branded products. The product selection in all the different categories is huge!!! It is very simple to add a product by just one click.

    Founder, Bluethorne
  • The customer services is beyond excellent. I can get a response to my questions in less than 24 hours. I love the products offered and there are a lot to choose from.

    Founder, Denimchick

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